How do refills work?

We know how important sustainability is to you, and it's important to us too, which is why we're committed to breaking boundaries, pushing innovation, and elevating the concept of sustainable beauty. Our refill concept allows you to create (and recreate) in a sustainable manner without compromising on quality.

Why use refills?

Less waste


Built to your needs in a travel friendly format

Save with each refill

How do refills

Step 1

Start with one of our empty Magnetic Refill Palettes. Compact, lightweight, and ready to be stocked with your favourite Phase Zero refill pans.

Step 2

Choose your pans. A palette fits either two full size pans, four quads, or you can mix and match. To fill, simply slot your chosen pans into place - extra-strong magnets keep them locked in.

Step 3

Each palette comes with a release pin. When you need to refill, push the pin through the hole at the back of the palette until the used makeup pan pops out.

Step 4

Insert a new pan and recycle the old one!

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